About the Blessing Beads

Bring more blessings into your life with Blessing Beads Jewelry. Blessing Beads jewelry features our unique, handcrafted paper scrolls beads, with a blessing or affirmation printed inside. The outside of the beads are printed with symbols, words or numbers - for those who wish their blessing to remain private. Each bead or piece of jewelry is made to order with the blessing of your choice. Affordably priced so you can give or collect all the blessings you desire!

Custom Create YOUR Blessing Bead Jewelry! Simply choose the style you want and customize it with the Blessing Bead of your choice!

Because each piece of jewelry is handmade to order, you may select any Blessing Bead for your chosen item from the drop down menu on the item page.

scroll bead
namaste charm
Each handcrafted Blessing Bead is inscribed with a blessing, and then printed with a word or symbol or coded with a number to maintain privacy.
scroll bead

The Process:

Each bead includes a blessing, affirmation or message inscribed on recycled paper. The outside is imprinted with a word or symbol, or coded with a number. The paper is stained with all natural substances. Next it is rolled into a scroll and coated to improve the appearance & to give the beads minor protection from the elements. End caps are added to accent the bead. They are chosen based on best fit, in wide or narrow openings to accommodate varied cords, chains or string. The charm style beads clip onto a charm bracelet or can be easily interchanged on your favorite piece of jewelry.

If you prefer a coded blessing, but not sure which number to choose, find your Blessing here.

While the coating makes the beads somewhat water resistant so they can withstand typical outdoor elements, the bead is not waterproof and should not be submerged or worn in the bath or while swimming, unless your intention is to have the bead unravel and the inner message revealed.

For the Blessing Beads to carry more energy it is recommended that the blessing be invoked prior to first wearing.


Invoking the Blessing

For the Blessing Beads to carry more energy it is recommended that the blessing be invoked prior to first wearing. To invoke the blessing, the individual, a friend or loved one should fasten the jewelry the first time it is worn and the blessing should be spoken aloud. It is especially recommended that when the Blessing Beads are given as a gift, the giver invokes the blessing upon the receiver.

NOTE: Some believe that the blessing is fulfilled when the bead comes unrolled, so they wear them 24/7, including while bathing.

Learn more about Revealing the Message.




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