Adjustable Knot 2mm Cotton CordNecklace

Zack Snyder
It is comfortable, easily adjustable, and very durable. I wore it 24/7 for several months (including showers and swimming) before the bead unrolled.

I chose a 'focus' blessing. I find that in order for the Blessing Bead to have its intended effect, I really have to bring awareness to it to remind myself to focus. It requires a certain amount of personal responsibility to activate the blessing, I think.

The unrolling of the Bead didn't necessarily make the blessing "come true", but I do think that is corresponding to the beginning of a phase change in my life that is requiring a great deal of focus. I'm realizing a lot of aspects of my life that need some direction or improvement, and defining clear goals is what I'm going to need to do to move forward.

All in all, I feel the bead was a positive and noticeable influence on my life and I'd love to buy another one when I determine what boost I need next!...



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